SRICF in Maryland

Maryland College


Meeting Quarterly
Central Maryland

A research group for Christian Master Masons interested in studying symbolism, esotericism, and Masonic history.   Membership is limited to 72 members.


For more information contact;
John A. Rafine, VIII, Secretary-Treasurer

Officers 2017-2018
Chief Adept -S. Brent Morris IX
Celebrant -W. Kenneth Lyons
Secretary-Treasurer- John Rafine
Suffragen – Spyridon G. Treklas
First Ancient – Arthur F. Hebbeler, III
Second Ancient -Michael M. Hughes
Third Ancient -Robert E. Englebach, Sr.
Fourth Ancient -W. Michael Boughman
Conductor of Novices -R. Frederick Lunn
Organist -John M. Greer
First Herald -Charles Matulewicz
Second Herald -Robert B. Lumbert
Torch Bearer -Charles L. Carmichael
Guardian of Caverns -Samuel J. Lane
Medalist -Bennie G. Owens
Acolyte -Randall B. Watson
Librarian – Stephen J. Ponzillo III
Prelate -Berhard B. Zinkgraf