Grand Chapter of Maryland

ME Companion William C. Eppig
Grand High Priest 2018-2019

June has come to an end and the summer has officially begun. This is also the time when our Chapters take a break from their normal work so our members can enjoy the summer.

The Grand Chapter has been busy over the last few months representing Royal Arch at a number of events and will be doing the same throughout the summer.

In June we held our Distillery Tour event in Frederick. Though attendance was not what I had hoped, we had two Chapter’s participate. I thank Concordia and Druid Chapters for attending. We all had a great time together and had an opportunity to get to know members of another chapter.

This was the point of this event, for our members to come together, meet, and get to know each other outside of the chapter. I know this worked because of a conversation I overheard between a member of Concordia and Druid Chapter. It went like this… ” I like this type of event because it gives me a chance to meet someone on a personal and informal level. I know you from your chapter, but don’t really know you. After today I know you as a friend.”

We will be holding another event in October and I hope more members will be able to attend.

The Session 2019 York Rite Committee has been working hard to plan for Session this year and they have released the Registration Forms and are located under the Annual tab on the front page of this website.  Please plan to attend Session 2019 and more information is below.

Please take note of some of the upcoming events listed in the Keystone and on Facebook!


William C. Eppig
Grand High Priest 2018-19

Semi-Annual Report of the MEGHP May 2019

GHP EDICTS 2018-2019

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