Grand Chapter of Maryland

ME Companion William C. Eppig
Grand High Priest 2018-2019


January is the start of a new year and I hope everyone will have a happy and prosperous 2019!

We have set a number of goals this year and one of the most important is to get the name “Royal Arch” into the Masonic vocabulary. This will go a long way in making Royal Arch Masonry recognized in our state. During the last few months, many of our members have taken this goal to heart and have been representing Royal Arch at many Masonic activities. It is great to see “Red” Jackets at so many functions.

Our Committees have been hard at work over this time too. They have been given a set of priorities and they are working on and introducing them on a regular base. For example, The Long Range Planning Committee has completed its first 3-year plan and has been published to our members. The Grand Chapter has begun to follow this plan and I encourage all Chapters to do the same.

The Membership Committee has begun to publish surveys to inquire about important information about our membership. I ask all members to complete these surveys when published during this year. These surveys will go a long way in preparing for the next year. They have also been providing links and examples of programs to help with membership in the Keystone and website.

The Youth Committee has reviewed the D. Ross Vansant Scholarship and has published a new application. This application is on the website and has been published on Facebook and sent to the three Masonic youth bodies. Please forward this application to a deserving high school student you may know.

I appointed a Technology Committee in November. They are currently reviewing our forms, website, and other aspects of the Grand Chapter. Our hope is to have them find ways to make it easier to manage the Grand Chapter and easier for our members to manage their chapters. The Grand Secretary is planning a Secretary/Recorder school on February 16th and will deal with technology and how to use it to improve your chapter.

I hope everyone has been receiving the Keystone Newsletter and has found it to be informative. Communication is important for all organizations and the Keystone was developed to help improve this. Along with the website, Facebook, Google calendar, and email we hope more members have been informed of our activities. If you are not receiving the Keystone please visit our website and signup using the link on the Grand High Priest page.

Keep up the good work and publicize Maryland Royal Arch,

William C. Eppig
Grand High Priest 2018-19

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