Grand Chapter of Maryland

ME Companion William C. Eppig
Grand High Priest 2018-2019


This will be my last message for the website.

One of the goals this year was to open communication to our members in different ways. We used email, our website, facebook, and this newsletter. I hope we were able to improve communication and keep you informed on the events of the past year.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the members of this Grand Chapter for allowing me to serve as Grand High Priest this past year. It will be something I will never forget and I was indeed honored to be giving the special opportunity.

I like to thank my officers and committee members for all their support, not only to me, but also to the members of Maryland Royal Arch this past year. Your work and assistance made this job much easier.

A special thank you to Bruce, Jeff, and Vernon for all you did this year. You assisted me so much this year and gave me such good advice when needed. I cannot thank the three of you enough and your dedication to Maryland Royal Arch is unsurpassed.

To all the Chapters in Maryland, thank you for all you do to share the great organization to others. Without you and the individual Chapter members, there would be no Maryland Royal Arch and what a shame that would be. Keep up the good work that you are doing and be proud to be a York Rite Mason!


William C. Eppig
Grand High Priest 2018-19

Semi-Annual Report of the MEGHP May 2019

GHP EDICTS 2018-2019

Why Become a Royal Arch Flyer – Print 2 side, flip short edge