Grand Chapter of Maryland

ME Companion Patrick A. Curtis
Grand High Priest 2016-2018


A Hearty Free State Fraternal Welcome To Our New Website!


As your Most Excellent Grand High Priest, I welcome you to our new Rite web site. To the membership I encourage all of you to make use of this new web site. It is here for your benefit. I hope you find it helpful in you determining what might be going on at the different Chapters as well as the Grand Chapter. I especially want to extend to our Excellent Grand King a Bravo Zulu for his work in getting this up for everyone’s use.

This month I, the Grand King, the Grand Scribe and several other members of the Grand Chapter have been busy making visits to all the Blue Lodges Installations in our state. It has been our honor to present to the newly installed Worshipful Masters their 2018 pin.

To those who have helped me in accomplishing this task, I truly appreciate your help. I also thank all our members who have been attending the installations at your lodge. It is definitely very exciting to see so many of you to stand up when we present the pins. Brethren keep up making those visits to your Blue Lodges. Be sure to promote your York Rite. Remember there was a time when the Royal Arch Degree was an integral part of the Blue Lodge.

Fraternally and Zealously
Patrick A Curtis (MEGHP)


Edicts of the Most Excellent High Priest 2016-2018