Grand Chapter Requirements For Covid 19

The following guidelines, issued by the MWGM, must be followed.  And of course, you will need to coordinate with the Holding Corporation and/or the Worshipful  Master of the corresponding Lodge building.

  1. See that the facility has been thoroughly cleaned prior to use. Not just vacuuming the carpets but disinfecting high use areas in the building.
  1. Posting signs about Social Distancing, symptoms of Coronavirus, and use of PPE’s and hand sanitizers.
  1. Face masks are strongly recommended for all attendees, especially if seated less than 6 feet apart. This may seem awkward, but safety for our older members must be taken into consideration.
  1. Hand sanitizers and disposable face coverings must be available at every event held in the lodge building.
  1. Gloves must be worn by all participants throughout all portions of work.
  1. A maximum of 50% capacity for the normal setup of the room must be followed. This does not include Chapter officers in separate stations around the room. (example, the room holds 100, you may have 50 members, plus the officers)  In Royal Arch degree, King and Scribe should seat themselves separate from the High Priest.
  1. Seating should be arranged to best observe 6-foot spacing requirements.
  1. When purging the room prior to the meeting, avoid physical contact and beware of distancing.

Chapters are encouraged to meet if possible.  At the same time, those members most vulnerable to the Coronavirus should refrain from attending in closed spaces with larger crowds.  Chapters should always take precautions and be mindful that all actions are for the safety of the members.

For a copy of the Adjusted Degree work under Covid produce in June 2020, please contact the Assistant Grand Secretary, William Eppig, PGHP.

The request must be made by the Chapter Secretaries and the Elected Line Officers of the Chapter.

Click here to contact the Assistant Grand Secretary