Maryland Ritual Award Score Card


As a way of increasing the interest and participation in the ritual work at the local level, the Grand Commandery of the State of Maryland has instituted a “Ritual Award Program.”

The program is based on the three Orders conferred in the Commandery. The award is to be a Bar to be worn on Uniform and a certificate to be printed with the level of proficiency. Each part must have been performed two (2) times for credit. All work is to be done from memory and in full form (Short form for Malta is acceptable). You are expected to do a creditable job in the part you are exemplifying. This implies not just rote memorization but also correct tactics, vocal emphasis, gestures, etc. appropriate to the part. Credit for previous exemplifications under the previous regulations regarding proficiency for election to Captain General, Generalissimo, and Commander will be accepted on your honor as a Knight Templar. All work done is to be attested to by the application of your signature and the signature of your local recorder to this form.

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