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Part of the Maryland Masonic Family

Knightly Greetings!

On behalf of the more than 1200 Maryland Knights Templar, I extend to you a hearty welcome! We are proud to have a heritage dating back to 1790 when Maryland Encampment (now Maryland Commandery, No. 1) was chartered by our Pennsylvanian brethren. We are proud to be one of the oldest homes for Knights Templar in the United States and are proud to celebrate the bicentennial of the Grand Encampment in 2016.

Membership in the Knights Templar is open to men who are Master Masons, as well as members of a Royal Arch chapter and a Royal & Select Masters council. Knights Templary is a Christian order, and members vow that if called upon, they would wield their sword in the defense of the Christian religion. The Order of the Temple is one of the most poignant and meaningful degrees in all of Freemasonry.

I invite you to look around our website, contact us or your local Commandery for more information, and join in our work. Our charity work includes the Knights Templar Eye Foundation (ophthalmologic research), the Knights Templar Educational Foundation (college scholarships), and the Holy Land Pilgrimage (for Christian ministers who have never been to the Holy Land).

Courteously and fraternally yours,

Spyridon Treklas

Grand Commander