Grand Commandery Committee’s


S–Finance and Audit- Bradley Andrukitis, John Mitchell, Gary Kennedy

S–Appendant and Concordant- Randy Watson, Robert Lumbert, Vernon Heubeschman

Civic and Patriotic- Gary Kennedy, Keith Warner, Scott Wilson, Gerry Kendle

S–Correspondence- Kris Brown, Kevin Drabczyk, Bill Hare

S–Credentials- David Andrukitis, George Christoff, Bill Hare,

S–Doings of Grand Officers- Spyridon Treklas, Kris Brown, Mike Youse

S–Education Foundation- Art Hebbeler, Thomas Heimiller, Arthur Tawse, Mike Robbins, Terry Royce, Chris (Doc) Jensen, ex Officio members- John Austin, Bradley Andrukitis, Kris Brown (sec./treas.)

Eye Foundation- Gary Kennedy, Fred Rossmark, Sam Lane,

Grievance- Kenneth Wyville, John Rafine, Randy Disney,

Holy Land Pilgrimage- Charles Beckhardt, Arthur Hebbeler, William Maish

Jurisprudence- John Rafine, Randy Watson, Kenneth Wyville

Masonic Relations- Richard Naegele, Randy Watson, Robert Lumbert, Terry Royce

Membership- Bradley Andrukitis, Mike Youse, Sam Lane,

KT Instruction/Ritual- Fred Spicer GIG, Dennis Ewing, Scott Wilson,

Sessions- Bradley Andrukitis, Bill Hare, Randy Watson

Time and Place- John Austin**, Robert Chase**, Randy Disney**
**Or their appointees

Knight Training- Charles Warns, George Christoff, John Mitchell, Scott Wilson, Scott Lapp, Gerry Kendle, Kevin Drabczyk

Unfinished Business- Brad Andrukitis, Kris Brown, Charles Warns,

Youth Relations- Scott Lapp, Roal Davis, Carl Michel, Richard Naegele

Religious Observance- Charles Beckhardt, Arthur Hebbeler, Gary Kennedy, Ray Denmark, William Maish

Quartermaster/Wardrobe- John Mitchell, Spyros Treklas, Keith Warner, Bill Hare

GWMNM 2023 celebration- John Austin, Kenneth Wyville, Gerry Kendle, James ( Ron ) Hedges, Kevin Drabczyk

Awards and Recognition- Art Hebbeler, Randy Watson, Kris Brown, Kevin Drabczyk, Brad Andrukitis, Bill Hare

KT Handbook- Bradley Andrukitis, John Mitchell, Gary Kennedy, David Andrukitis, Bryan Remley, Clifton Friel, Vernon Heubeschman

Grand Commander’s Advisory Council- Kenneth Wyville, Fred Spicer, Richard Naegele, Charles Warns, Arthur Hebbeler, Spyros Treklas, Brad Andrukitis, Richard Feeser, Clifton Friel, Terry Royce, Samuel Lane, Dennis Brekhus, Michael Youse

Events and Hospitality- Brad Andrukitis, John Mitchell, Gary Kennedy, Terry Royce, Gerry Kendle, Kevin Drabczyk, John Thomas, George Christoff, Bill Hare, Keith Warner

S= Standing Committees, limited to 3 members with exception of Education Fpoundation Committee.