Grand Commandery Committee’s


S–Finance and Audit– Bradley Andrukitis, John Mitchell, Gary Kennedy

S–Appendant and Concordant– Randy Watson, Robert Lumbert, Vernon Heubeschman

Civic and Patriotic– Gary Kennedy, Keith Warner, Scott Wilson, Gerry Kendle

S–Correspondence– Kris Brown, Kevin Drabczyk, Bill Hare

S–Credentials– David Andrukitis, George Christoff, Bill Hare,

S–Doings of Grand Officers– Spyridon Treklas, Kris Brown, Mike Youse

S–Education Foundation– Art Hebbeler, Thomas Heimiller, Arthur Tawse, Mike Robbins, Terry Royce, Chris (Doc) Jensen, ex Officio members- John Austin, Bradley Andrukitis, Kris Brown (sec./treas.)

Eye Foundation– Gary Kennedy, Fred Rossmark, Sam Lane,

Grievance– Kenneth Wyvill, John Rafine, Randy Disney,

Holy Land Pilgrimage– Charles Beckhardt, Arthur Hebbeler, William Maish

Jurisprudence– John Rafine, Randy Watson, Kenneth Wyvill

Masonic Relations- Richard Naegele, Randy Watson, Robert Lumbert, Terry Royce

Membership– Bradley Andrukitis, Mike Youse, Sam Lane

KT Instruction/Ritual– Fred Spicer GIG, Dennis Ewing, Scott Wilson,

Sessions– Bradley Andrukitis, Bill Hare, Randy Watson

Time and Place– John Austin**, Robert Chase**, Randy Disney**
**Or their appointees

Knight Training– Charles Warns, George Christoff, John Mitchell, Scott Wilson, Scott Lapp, Gerry Kendle, Kevin Drabczyk

Unfinished Business– Brad Andrukitis, Kris Brown, Charles Warns,

Youth Relations– Scott Lapp, Roal Davis, Carl Michel, Richard Naegele

Religious Observance– Charles Beckhardt, Arthur Hebbeler, Gary Kennedy, Ray Denmark, William Maisch

Quartermaster/Wardrobe- John Mitchell, Spyros Treklas, Keith Warner, Bill Hare

GWMNM 2023 celebration– John Austin, Kenneth Wyvill ,Gerry Kendle, James ( Ron ) Hedges, Kevin Drabczyk

Awards and Recognition– Art Hebbeler, Randy Watson, Kris Brown, Kevin Drabczyk, Brad Andrukitis, Bill Hare

KT Handbook– Bradley Andrukitis, John Mitchell, Gary Kennedy, David Andrukitis, Bryan Remley, Clifton Friel, Vernon Heubeschman

Grand Commander’s Advisory Council– Kenneth Wyvill, Fred Spicer, Richard Naegele, Charles Warns, Arthur Hebbeler, Spyros Treklas, Brad Andrukitis, Richard Feeser, Clifton Friel, Terry Royce, Samuel Lane, Dennis Brekhus, Michael Youse

Events and Hospitality– Brad Andrukitis, John Mitchell, Gary Kennedy, Terry Royce, Gerry Kendle, Kevin Drabczyk, John Thomas, George Christoff, Bill Hare, Keith Warner

S= Standing Committees limited to 3 members with exception of Education Foundation Committee.

Grand Commandery Committee Expectation:
Committee Duties of the Grand Commandery of Maryland PDF