Council of Anointed High Priest


Officers 2023 – 2024

Most Excellent President Comp. Robert B Lumbert
Excellent Vice President Comp. Spyridon G. Treklas
Excellent Chaplain Comp. A. Dean Burt III, P.P.
Excellent Secretary Comp. Vernon H. Huebschman
Excellent Treasurer Comp. John M. Lister
Excellent Master of Ceremonies Comp. Christian E. Jensen
Excellent Conductor Comp. William C. Eppig
Excellent Herald Comp. Christian Miele
Excellent Steward Comp. Dennis Ewing
Excellent Sentinel Comp. John B. Maclay


Meeting and Conferral: April 27, 2024
Location: Oriental Room, Grand Lodge
Time: Law School – 9:30 am                           CAHP Degree – 10:30 am


Current High Priest, Past High Priest, and Candidates ONLY