Grand Chapter of Maryland

ME Companion Bruce G. Colburn
Grand High Priest 2019-2020

Greetings, we are pleased to see you! Welcome to the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Maryland! May you find all the information you are looking for while visiting. Within these pages you can learn of our charitable works, where our Chapters are located, petition for joining, and lots of links to other York Rite organizations.

First, I humbly thank the Companions of the Royal Arch in Maryland for electing me to be their Grand High Priest for the coming year. It is an honor which I will always cherish and hope to contribute to the growth and understanding of Royal Arch Masonry.

We have much planned for this year, a great line of Grand officers, and some growing chapters. Our web site has been updated, our electronic communications are improved, and several new social gatherings are in the works. Along with that, we are improving on our charitable contributions, our scholarship awards to high school and college students, and our visibility in our communities.

Royal Arch plays an important part in every Mason’s growth, from completion of the third degree to having the opportunity to meet brothers from other lodges. Every Maryland Mason should receive the Royal Arch degree to complete his Ancient Craft masonry learning. Royal Arch Masonry is worldwide. In 2020 we will hold another Triennial with over 180 countries attending.

For a petition, click on the Grand Secretary’s page. To find out more about Royal Arch Masonry, click on the menu icon top center of this page, and select About.

I am excited for the coming year and look forward to working with all Chapters to improve not only membership growth, but ACTIVE membership growth.


Bruce G. Colburn
MEGHP of Royal Arch Masons in Maryland


Opening of RA Meetings Edict 6/17/2020

Why Become a Royal Arch Flyer – Print 2 side, flip short edge

Royal Arch edict 3/16/2020

Dispensation for Installations 5/13/20