Grand Chapter of Maryland

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ME Companion Jeffrey L. Dill
Grand High Priest 2020-2021

Greetings all, we are pleased to see you!

Welcome to the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Maryland Webpage! May you find all the information you are looking for while visiting.  Here you can learn of our charitable works, where our Chapters are located, a petition for joining, and lots of links to other York Rite organizations.

Of course in this last year, we have seen many changes during this pandemic that seems to still make us learn new ways and grow. Our web site and other electronic communications have improved, as we all learn other ways to keep in touch.

We continue to increase our visibility in our communities, and amongst the Maryland Masonic family, supporting our lodges and youth groups in many ways. We still continue our charitable contributions to Royal Arch Research Assistance. Along with the D. Ross Van Sant scholarship for family members of Royal Arch Masons of Maryland and any of the members of our youth groups, to high school and college students seeking financial support.

Royal Arch plays an important part in every Mason’s growth.  As the completion and culmination of a Mason’s third degree all  Mason’s should receive the Royal Arch degree when seeking the further light we all desire, completing his Ancient Craft masonry learning.

If interested in a petition, visit the Grand Secretary’s page. To find out more about Royal Arch Masonry, click on the About menu icon.

Lastly, I humbly thank the Companions of the Royal Arch in Maryland for electing me to be their Grand High Priest for the coming year. It is an honor to serve and an experience which I will always cherish and hope to contribute to the growth and understanding of Royal Arch Masonry.

Why Become a Royal Arch Flyer – Print 2 side, flip short edge