Grand Chapter of Maryland


ME Companion Robert W. Chase
Grand High Priest 2021-2022

Good day Companions and Brethren, it’s always a beautiful day to talk about Royal Arch Masonry.

Well, the winds of March have given way to April showers, and now the May flowers are struggling a little bit; they are making progress, which leads me to this month’s topic. Those of you who are regular attendees to your Chapters are aware of the struggles we are having, some more than others, to the extent that we lose some. However, there is good news to report. On April 29th, the Council of Anointed High Priests degree was conferred on six new High Priests with an additional Companion, who had another commitment and could not attend but will be installed in the East. This accomplishment is, of course, outstanding progress and is the result of the challenging work put in by Grand Lecturer and RE Scribe Dennis Ewing with aid from Randy Disney. This is also the result of what can happen when Companions want to help make York Rite Masonry better.

On another subject, I had the pleasure of attending sessions in Delaware and in my home state of Maine, and I would love to report that the Royal Arch in each place is thriving, but such is not the case. Like here, each has its struggles. I guess we can take solace in not being alone, but it is saddening.

As we head into the installation season, if you will, my installation schedule right now looks like this. May 3rd Tuscan Chapter – Dinner 6:30, May 25th Phoenix Chapter 7:30, May 26th Chesapeake Chapter RA Degree, June 9th Druid Chapter 7:30, and June 13th Mt Vernon Chapter. I hope you will get out to support your Chapter, and it is the right thing to do.


Bob Chase, MEGHP

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