Royal Arch Grand Chapter Committees 2021-2022

Accounts & Finance
Andrew Martinez REGK, Dennis Ewing REGS, John Thomas PHP, John Lister REGT

Vernon Huebschman PGHP,

Correspondence/Fraternal Relations
Robert Lumbert PGHP/ PTIGM, Randall Watson, PGHP

Doings of Grand Officers
Joe White PHP

William Eppig PGHP, John Maclay, Jr PGHP

Carl Michel PHP, Bob Chase MEGHP elect

Grievance & Jurisprudence
Randall Watson PGHP, Richard Naegele PGHP, Bruce Colburn PGHP

Long Range Planning
Robert Chase MEGHP elect, Andrew Martinez MEGK, Dennis Ewing REGS,

Awards and Recognition
Randall Watson PGHP, Vernon Huebschman PGHP, Robert Lumbert PGHP

Andrew Martinez REGK, John Mitchell PHP, Bruce Colburn PGHP

Royal Arch Research Assistance
Andrew Martinez REGK, Dennis Ewing REGS,

Dennis Ewing MEGS / GL, Randy Disney DGL

Sessions 2021
Bill Miller PHP, Christian Miele PHP, Dennis Ewing PHP

Time & Place
Andrew Martinez, EGK

Unfinished Business
John Maclay, Jr PGHP, Richard Naegele PGHP / PRWGM, Vernon Huebschman PGHP

Youth & Scholarships
Richard Naegele, MEPGHP / PRWGM, Jeffrey Dill MEPGHP

Website & social media
Bill Eppig PGHP, Dan Brewer


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Committee Duty and Responsibility Manual
Some Committees may not be appointed or may be combined by the Grand High Priest for the year.