Royal Arch Grand Chapter Committees 2019-2020

Accounts & Finance
Jeff Dill, REGK; Bob Chase, REGS, John H. Austin, PHP, John Lister REGT

England EGSent, Dennis Brekhus, Dan Brewer

Correspondance/Fraternal Relations
James B. Coker: Robert Lumbert, PGHP; Dennis Ewing

Doings of Grand Officers
Joe White EGM2V, Christian Miele, EGM1V

Randall L. Watson, PGHP; John B. Maclay, Jr., PGHP; Pat Curtis, PGHP

Bill Eppig PGHP, Brett Bean

Stephen J. Ponzillo III, PGHP, Frederick Spicer PHP, Randall Watson PGHP

Stephen J. Ponzillo III, PGHP, Frederick Spicer PHP, Randall Watson PGHP

Long Range Planning
Jeff Dill, REGK, Charles Matulewics, EGM1V, John Mitchell, Bob Chase, REGS
(Chairs to appoint others if needed) Works with Membership Committee)

Medal of Meritorious Service and Recognition
Randall L. Watson, PGHP, Vernon H. Huebschman, PGHP, Robert B. Lumbert, PGHP

Charles Matulewicz, EGM2V, , Bob Chase REGS, John Mitchell, Cameron Newman (Chairs
to appoint others if needed) Works with Long Range Planning Committee

Multi-Jurisdictional Festival
Bob Chase, REGS, Jacob Todd, ERAC

Royal Arch Research Assistance
George Martinez, EGCoH, Richard Burkman, REG Chap.

Michael G. Faby, Randolph S. Disney, Dennis Ewing

Bill Miller ERAC, Christian Miele EGM1V, Dennis Ewing

Rafael Rodriguez, Dan Brewer, Drew Ville, John Lester

Time & Place
Robert England, EGsent, Jeff Dill REGK, Bob Chase, REGS

Unfinished Business
John B. Maclay, Jr., PGHP, Clifton R. Friel, PGHP, Vern Huebschman, PGHP

Youth & Scholarships
Dave Deitz, Cameron Newman, Bill Eppig, PGHP




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Committee Duty and Responsibility Manual
Some Committees may not be appointed or may be combined by the Grand High Priest for the year.