Grand Commandery Visitations



COMMANDERY Visitations 2023

Tentative schedule:

Maryland No.1- Oct 6
MC  No.3- Oct. 16
JDM No.4- Sept. 7
Antioch No.6- Oct. 3
Palestine No.7- Oct. 23
Beauceant No.8- Sept. 19 (joint with Carroll)
Chesapeake No.10-Sept. 10
TJ Shryock No.11- Oct. 12
York No.16- Oct. 20
Carroll No.17- Sept. 19 (joint with Beauceant)
Inspector General (REPGC Richard Naegele) requirements for commandery inspections
10 man Opening (if they can do it)
( If not enough Knights in attendance for 10 man, short form will be accepted) 
Reception ot Grand Commander
Sword Manual
One of the following:
Malta – short form
Libations inspection
Red Cross discussion