Grand Visitations 2024

Visitation Starts at 7:30 pm unless noted


Date  Chapter

12-Feb  Mt Vernon

13-Feb  Concordia

11-Mar  Enoch

5-Apr  York

11-Apr  Druid

22-Apr  Carroll

7-May  Tuscan

15-May  Adoniram

22-May  James F Allen

4-Jun  Edenton & Talbot

18-Jun  Salem

26-Jun  Phoenix

27-Jun  Chesapeake

Note: Grand Visitations will be in Red Jackets, red vest,s and tie. Sessions will be in a black tux and red vest/bow tie. Major visitations (DE, DC, NJ, Masonic Youth, etc.) will be tux or whatever those sessions specify in their reservation forms. I plan to communicate to the line officers at least monthly and will note the dress code for upcoming events in those emails.


This year’s Grand Chapter Semi-Annual Communication will be Thursday, May 9th, 2024 starting at 7 pm. Grand Lodge.  Your attendance is earnestly solicited.

This year’s Multi-Jurisdictional will be in Washington D.C. on Saturday, September 28th 2024. Will get details to you as they come in and if you wish to participate as part of the degree team, please contact REGK Dennis.