Grand Visitations 2022-2023

Visitation Starts at 7:30 pm unless noted

Grand Visitation Schedule 2023 (planned) – none in January due to Lodge Installations

#    Chapter              Date 2022-23
25   Mt Vernon           11/14/2022
31   Carroll                  11/28/2022
28   Druid                   12/8/2022
21   Adoniram            12/21/2022
17   Chesapeake         12/22/2022
44   York                       2/3/2023
36   Edenton                2/7/2023
22   Talbot                   3/9/2023
23   Enoch                   3/13/2023
1     Concordia             3/14/2023
18   Salem                    4/18/2023
7     Phoenix                 5/24/2023
42   Tuscan                  5/2/2023
29   Hayward              6/12/2023
33   James F Allen      6/28/2023

Note: Grand Visitations will be in Red Jackets, red vest,s and tie. Sessions will be in a black tux and red vest/bow tie. Major visitations (DE, DC, NJ, Masonic Youth, etc.) will be tux or whatever those sessions specify in their reservation forms. I plan to communicate to the line officers at least monthly and will note the dress code for upcoming events in those emails.


Sat., Sept. 16th, 2023 at starting 11:00 am (lunch), noon (degrees) – MEPGHP Louis Bandell Memorial Low Vale. Phoenix #7 will confer the Mark Master and Past Master degrees on all Worthy Candidates (from any Chapter). Location: Havre De Grace police firing range, James E. Walker, Jr. Drive, Havre De Grace, RSVP to Comp. Barry Noe, Secretary at [email protected] so they can prepare enough food. Donations for the food will be appreciated and accepted.

The Mid-Atlantic Multi-Jurisdictional will be Saturday, October 7th, 2023 after Harvest Home Day (after 10 am) has concluded at Grand Lodge so as to not interfere with that sacrosanct event. If you want to see degree work as done by D.C., Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland in one day, it is not an event to be missed. Similarly, if you know someone who wishes to become a York Rite Mason and receive all four degrees in one day, have them contact their local Chapter so we can get them in the pipeline for this event that only happens in Maryland every 4 years. Notices to the Chapters will be going out shortly.