Chapter and Other Recognitions

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes and sets apart those who have distinguished themselves by continuous and meritorious service to their respective Chapters, the Grand Chapter, Masonry in general, or the Community. It is restricted to those Royal Arch Masons who have been Companions for a minimum of Twenty-five (25) years.

Alexander Dean Burt
Arthur Tawes
Bennie George Owens, PGHP, MIPGM, REPGC, MWPGM
Christian Jensen
Clifton Reese Friel, PGHP, MIPGM, REPGC
Dennis Brekhus
Edward Addison Foreman, Jr. PGHP, MIPGM, REPGC
Eugene Racz, Past Grand Secretary, Past Grand Recorders
Patrick A. Curtis, PGHP, MIPGM, REPGC
Richard Phillip Naegele, PGHP, MIPGM, REPGC, MWPGM
Robert Hamilton
Robert Penny
Stephen Joseph Ponzillo, III, PGHP, MIPGM, REPGC, MWPGM
William Baldwin
Gordon Davis
John Maclay, PGHP

Banner Chapter

The Banner Chapter is awarded in recognition of the Chapter that has been the most active and successful for the year.

2017- Druid #28
2018- Phoenix #7
2019- Enoch Chapter #23
2020- Tuscan Chapter #42
2022- Mt. Vernon #25

The Breastplate Award

The Breast Plate Award recognizes the achievements of those selected to preside over their respective Chapters and has distinguished themselves as having rendered superior service to their respective Chapters during their term of office in organization and communication. The Grand High Priest may present the Triple Tau Award for Meritorious Service instead of the Breastplate Award.

2017- William Miller, Dennis Ewing, Robert Chase, Christian Jensen, and Charles Matulewics
2018- Ian Hogola, Andrew Martinez
2020- Christian Miele, Jeff Disney, and James King
2021 – Patrick Stangler and Louis Romeo, Jr.

Grand Chapter Ritual Award

To be re-introduced in the future


General Grand Chapter Ritual Award

General Grand, Chapter Ritual Award, honors those Companions who excel in ritualistic endeavors. This prestigious award is presented at no cost to Companions who qualify by meeting specific requirements.


Concordia RAC No. 1:
Frederick A. Spicer, REPGC
Robert B. Lumbert, PGHP, MIPGM
Bruce G. Colburn, PGHP

Adoniram RAC No. 21:
Louis F. Bandell, Jr. PGHP|
Micheal Faby, PHP

Mt. Vernon RAC No. 25:
Randolph Disney, REPGC, MIGM
Andrew Martinez

Druid RAC No. 28:
Vernon H. Huebschman, PGHP
Richard P. Naegele, PGHP, MIPGM, REPGC, MWPGM
William C. Eppig, PGHP
Randall L. Watson, PGHP, MIPGM
Jeffrey L. Dill, MIPGM, MEPGHP
Carl Michel, PHP
Henry C. McDonald, PHP
Dennis Ewing, PHP

General Grand Chapter Sweetheart Award

The General Grand Chapter has introduced a new award for the Ladies of our Royal Arch Masons. The award was developed by the General Grand High Priest, Emory J. Ferguson, and is available to Royal Arch Masons to show their appreciation for the support and encouragement their Ladies have given them throughout the years. The award consists of a jewel and a certificate.


Melis Bandell – wife of PGHP Louis F. Bandell, Jr.
Allison Coker – wife of MIPGM James Coker
Kathy Florian – Presented by Richard Naegele, PGHP
Mary Curtis – wife of PGHP Patrick A. Curtis
Elisa Colburn – wife of PGHP Bruce Colburn
Kandi Auston – Wife of John Auston
Robin Eppig – Wife of PGHP William Eppig
Katie Huebschman – Wife of PGHP Vernon Huebschman
Sheena Munholland – Wife of Gordon Munholland
Diana Martinez – Wife of GHP G. Andrew Martinze