General Grand Chapter Awards

General Grand Chapter Ephraim Kirby Award (Established 2014)

The Ephraim Kirby Award provides an opportunity to recognize particular Companions who have attained past presiding rank in their Grand York Rite bodies (Lodge, Chapter, Council, and Commandery) and who have then gone on to continue their work and commitment to service even beyond the term of their office, or beyond the normal boundaries of dedication. This award is named for the first Most Excellent General Grand High Priest of the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, who served from 1798-1804. In the first year (2014), up to three candidates were recipients; in the second year, two; and in subsequent years, only one may be awarded per Grand Chapter. The Ephraim Kirby Award corresponds to the Order of the Secret Vault for the General Grand Council and the Knight Commander of the Temple for Commandery’s Grand Encampment.

2014     Vernon H. Huebschman, Custodian (appointed by the MEGGHP)
2014     Bennie G. Owens (All hereafter nominated by the Custodian)
2014     Stephen J. Ponzillo, III and Louis F. Bandell, Jr.
2015     Richard P. Naegele and Frederick A. Spicer
2016     Clifton R. Friel
2017     Robert B. Lumbert
2018     Randall L. Watson
2019     Edward A. Foreman, Jr.
2020     John Maclay
2021     Bruce Colburn
2022     William Eppig

General Grand Chapter Distinguished Service Award in Silver

The General Grand Chapter Distinguished Service Medal (Silver) is presented for outstanding service for the York Rite, particularly for Royal Arch Masonry within a particular York Rite Region. Nominations may be made by any Royal Arch Mason or by a Grand Chapter, submitted through the Deputy General Grand High Priest for the York Rite Region, where the proposed recipient holds his membership.

PGHP Bennie George Owens
PGHP Edward Addison Foreman, Jr. – DGGHP/NE Director of Work
PGHP Vernon H. Huebschman, – DGGHP/NE GGCoH


General Grand Chapter Distinguished Service Award in Bronze (Established 1951)

In 1951, the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons established the Distinguished Service Medal in Bronze to be awarded in recognition of the recipient’s outstanding and meritorious service to Royal Arch Masonry other than serving as a Grand Chapter Officer. The Bronze Medal corresponds to the Cryptic Mason of the Year for the General Grand Council and the Knight Templar Cross of Honor for Commandery’s Grand Encampment. It cannot be awarded to a Past Grand High Priest or a Companion serving as one of the “progressive” elected Grand Chapter Officers. Only one may be awarded each year per Grand Chapter.

YEAR             NAME                                                CHAPTER

1951                George S. Edmunds                Zeredathah No. 35
1952                William Melang, Sr.                Adoniram No. 21
1953                Schuyler W. Wood                 Tuscan No. 42
1954                William F. Prettyman              James F. Allen No. 33
1955                Harry O. Casey                       Washington, Fells Point No. 1
1956                C. Norman Jefferson               Talbot No. 22
1957                George Steedman Yost           St. John’s No. 19
1958                Thomas S. Gifford                  Salem No. 18
1959                George C. Baird                      Tuscan No. 42
1960                Leland C. Noel                       Concordia No. 1
1961                No Convocation, Change in Date
1962                Earl H. Courtney                     Druid No. 28
1963                Conrad J. Raider                     Baltimore No. 40
1964                Cyril H. York                          Keystone No. 32
1965                Harry Siler                               Harford No. 43
1966                Dixon W. Hall                         Maryland No. 38
1967                Carl N. Collins                        Adoniram No. 23
1968                Rowan F. Erb                          James F. Allen No. 33
1969                Albert B. Clarke                      Belvidere, No. 39
1970                Frank White                            Jerusalem No. 9
1971                Vernon A. Eavey                    Ithiel No. 27
1972                Robert B. Atwell                    Mt. Vernon No. 25
1973                Edward W. Vansant               Edenton No. 36
1974                Hulbert G. Foutz                     Ithiel No. 27
1975                Houston Todd Hill                  Tuscan No. 42
1976                Louis T. Lenderking, Jr.          Baltimore No. 40
1977                James T. Lautenschlager         Druid No. 28
1978                William E. Lautenschlager      Phoenix No. 7
1979                Robert W. Mavity                   Talbot No. 22
1980                Lloyd O. Eshenour                 Baltimore No. 40
1981                Charles H. Cover                    Jerusalem No. 9
1982                Atwood R. Wynn                   Baltimore No. 40
1983                James J. Morgan, Jr.                Concordia No. 1
1984                Robert B. Woodside               Mt. Vernon No. 25
1985                Thomas E. Weir                      Keystone No. 32
1986                Arthur D. Sellers                     James F. Allen No. 33
1987                Clinton D. Dodson                 Belvidere No. 39
1988                Gordon A. Davids                  Mt. Vernon No. 25
1989                Russell E. Tazelaar                  York No. 44
1990                William R. Lowe                     Ithiel No. 27
1991                Chester A. Walk                     Tuscan No. 42
1992                Donald M. Miller                    Druid No. 28
1993                Thomas J. Mortimer                Mt. Vernon No. 25
1994                Howard G. Stottlemeyer        Ithiel No. 27
1995                Robert R. Eckell                     York No. 44
1996                James B. Coker                       St. John’s No. 19
1997                John O. Quillen                       Edenton No. 36
1998                John F. Siegert, Jr.                  Baltimore No. 40
1999                Jack R. Frazier                        Baltimore No. 40
2000                Robert O. Reynolds, Jr.          Mt. Vernon No. 25
2001                William E. Zentgraf                Baltimore No. 40
2002                William G. Gulley                   Mt. Vernon No. 25
2003                Frank Olah, Jr.                        St. John’s No. 19
2004                Louis F. Bandell, Jr.                Phoenix No. 45
2005                Richard P. Naegele                 Druid No. 28
2006                Robert B. Lumbert                  Concordia No. 1
2007                Robert E. Young                     Druid No. 28
2008                Eugene Racz                           Edenton No. 36
2009                William J. Baldwin                 Carroll No. 31
2010                Patrick A. Curtis                     York No. 44
2011                Randall L. Watson                  Druid No. 28
2012                Gordon P. Grabus                   Druid No. 28
2013                Robert W. Hamilton               Salem No. 18
2014                Charles Kennedy                    Enoch No. 23
2015                Christian Edward Jenson        Edenton No. 36
2016                Michael G. Faby                     Druid No. 28
2017                Arthur H. Tawes                     Chesapeake No. 17
2018                William C. Eppig                    Druid No. 28
2019                 John M. Lister                       Mt. Vernon No. 25
2020                Andrew Martinez                   Mt. Vernon No. 25
2021                 Dennis Ewing                         Druid No. 28
2022                William Miller                        Phoenix No. 7