SRICF in Maryland

Maryland College


Meeting Quarterly
Central Maryland

A research group for Christian Master Masons interested in studying symbolism, esotericism, and Masonic history.   Membership is limited to 72 members.

For more information contact;
Randall L. Watson, VIII, Secretary
[email protected]

Officers 2019-2020

Chief Adept               John A. Rafine (IX)
Celebrant                 Arthur F. Hebbeler, III (VII)
Suffragen                 S. Dirk Wiker (VII)
Secretary                 Randall L. Watson (VIII)
Treasurer                 John B. Maclay, Jr. (VIII)
First Ancient             W. Michael Boughman (VII)
Second Ancient            Robert E. Englebach, Sr. (IV)
Third Ancient             R. Frederick Lunn (VI)
Fourth Ancient            Robert B. Lumbert (IV)
Conductor of Novices      Samuel J. Lane (IV)
Organist                  J. Jacob Todd, Jr. (III)
First Herald              G. Andrew Martinez (VII)
Second Herald             Richard P. Naegele (III)
Torch Bearer              William H. Gross, Jr. (IV)
Guardian of the Caverns   Marlin L. Mills (III)
Medalist                  James B. Coker (VIII)
Acolyte                   Spyridon G. Treklas (VII)
Librarian                 Stephen J. Ponzillo, III (VIII)
Prelate                   Rev. W. Kenneth Lyons (VII)